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It is an ideal base for large conglomerates and startups alike as it doesn't just give access but also real time information through its Asia, Europe, Africa and Americas desk manned by experienced professionals at the top of their game. From one of Asia's largest incubation centers to every aspect of light and air optimized for user comfort and hence productivity, there is no other place like Alphathum for those who understand the nuances of efficiency. A destination where industry stalwarts and fledgling businesses can walk the corridors of technology to arrive at a tomorrow to be proud of.An effective platform for startup companies: Personal furnished cabins, Large suites equipped with workstations, Common meeting rooms, Conference facilities, Business lounge, Event plaza,Expo center, telecommunication network. With the world's largest infinity rooftop swimming pool, Alphathum is most certain to bring hordes of those who enjoy the better life to the complex for a myriad of features that become active as the workday ends. Alphathum, has brought science to the outdoors and created unmatched environments and facilities to make sure the journey of productivity carries on seamlessly. They need to be just as flexible and intuitive as the changing demands of modern work methods.They need to be able to access evolving technologies such as cloud and social platforms because those are the emerging realities of a new world of business. While at the same time, these office spaces must also be able to maximize user comfort for without a good environment, no workplace can flourish. Its integrated and intelligent workplace strategies create solutions that enhance creativity and facilitates breakthrough ideas through a relaxed environment with in which possibilities magnify and negativity is minimized.

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